by Graeme Henchel

It was only for two years, that the Thug was in the job
In that short time, he proved to be, a hopeless lying nob
Was not just him, in this crew, the talent is so sparse
It was always going to be one enormous sorry farce

It's no surprise, that Abbott was a monumental fail
But who'd have thought, how quickly, it would all start to derail
I guess if you've no policies, and only can oppose
It isn't any wonder, he went quickly on the nose

When asked about his policies, he had not much to say
That's because, he'd outsourced them, all to the I. P. A.
He didn't keep his promises, it turned out that he lied
He kept on blaming Labor, and the lying he denied

He got no help from Smokin’ Joe, whose budget went too far
While Joe and pal Mathias, smoked a great big fat cigar
While Brandis in the Senate, said that "Bigots do have rights"
The Thug announced, he would restore, archaic Dames and Knights

Pensioners, the unemployed, the students and the sick
All were helpless targets, of this useless lying prick
If not for the senate, they would surely have been screwed
Their budget based on lies, made sure, a poll decline ensued

The backbench got so nervous, with a feeling of despair
The Thug survived a challenge, up against an empty chair
He promised he would listen and would stop his captains picks
But six months on, not much had changed, he still played dirty tricks

All the Thug's decisions, took them further up shit creek
From equal rights, to climate change, he kept a losing streak
His Captain's calls kept coming back, to bite him on the bum
The public had concluded, he's deluded, and quite dumb

The government was in limbo land, the party paralysed
Their only hope was Turnbull, who the right wing just despised
While Abbott's only focus, was on how to save his hide
Turnbull and his plotters planned the Thug's politicide

Turnbull advanced with the numbers on his side
To everyone's relief they removed the Thug who lied
For a while it worked quite well, as their polling headed north
The public were quite smitten with the wanker from Wentworth

But Turnbull's coup had come with a saddle bag of bricks
The snake oil man was haunted by a bunch of right wing pricks
Turnbull had agreed to many things he'd once condemned
It wasn't long till cracks appeared the honeymoon would end

Turnbull talked in circles and his capital was spent
And Abbott and his acolytes kept pissing in the tent
Shorten started scoring and Labor set the pace
The polls began to tumble, the lead all but erased

The Thug was out to seek revenge, he channeled Kevin Rudd
He would not rest until he'd seen the sight of Turnbull's blood
As always the deluded thug had a destructive disposition
like a suicide bomber he'd soon blow up the coalition

What do you think?